Sunday, 1 October 2017

100 Days - can you believe it?

My post on a private Facebook group I am on...
Hi guys, I'm Kate 😊
Im a 44 year old single mum, teacher and all round crazy girl 😜. I don't post much but love this group. I'm excited about telling my story now that I'm finally celebrating 100 days sober. For me it was an arduous journey, many slip ups and loads of self discovery. It's also rather lonely. I wish I could yell from the roof tops but most people think I've been sober for over a year. I secretly drank a fair bit after that. It wasn't until June 25 that I finally said that's it I don't want to drink anymore and then - I never slipped up again. I made a huge commitment to myself and my daughter that I would never drink again and to celebrate that I inked myself. Check out my first tattoo 😅. If you are into hip sobriety you will know what the T's stand for. It's huge and I'm glad I did it. Teetotaller- Pretty extreme but very meaningful. I won't be sharing it though except for here and on my blog via This Naked Mind. Not sure what I'm going to say to my class but I'll make something up. Thanks for being in this group and Being a part of my share. Well done those winning and hugs and comfort to you gals that need it.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

How many times am I going to fall?

Yep I will keep going, I am in agony, when am I going to stop this awful rollercoaster?

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

99% is a bitch - 100% is a breeze

I have just completed a 8 week challenge with pretty pathetic results. A few centimetres here and there but nothing to boast about.  Great work with Lani though as she has come so far and that is something to celebrate but that is not what I want to reflect on right now. Although she freakin' rocks and I am so proud of her.  I will leave that story for next time.

Some would say that change takes time and all those bull shit reassuring words but what it comes down to for me i think is my commitment factor.

Today I read this quote and it moved me. "99% is a bitch - 100% is a breeze." It's true. Kinda sorta almost making a real commitment to something is *way* harder than really making a 100% commitment. What do I need to make a nonnegotiable, 100% commitment to in your life? I have always been the sort of person who probably has a 90 percent commitment to things and I leave myself the painful and exhausting room of 10% to just make life as hard as I can.  My thought was at least I am 90 percent of the way.  Ha!  I thought I was doing it to go easy on myself but its not easy.  It makes you question yourself all the time and so much of what I do is annoying because I have to go through the rigmarole of talking myself into so many things.

I have noticed myself recently babbling on with my "tormenter" as Margie likes to refer to him as.  We meet in the evenings when I talk myself out of having a drink, every freakin night.  Its the nights that I simply say, no, you aren't having that and I leave it at that when I feel the most relaxed and find peace.  That is because I commit.  Can it be as easy and as hard as that?  Just be 100 percent committed.

Notice the thought,  commit 100 percent to your cause and the just Freakin do it, be it and live it.

Question becomes what does it actually look like?

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Making Infographics

Look what I did with an interesting website called Canva.   I should probably put my name on it. I am right into making infographics and trying to consolidate the thousands of things that roll around in my head.  I learn so much but often I find myself asking myself, what did I just read.  Or I do this course or that course and wonder what the hell am I getting out of it.  If I were to do an inventory of the current courses and workshops and coaching I have on the boiler at the moment you would all say its a bit much and you are probably right but I do need to make the most of it all. Maybe I will do an infographic about all the things I am doing at the moment.  Ha Ha.
I am particularly proud of this one, done on WORD